J C Sum, Mega Illusionist


Singapore's Celebrity Magic Duo Successfully Predict 4D Winning Numbers!

In conjunction with their brand new show that will run from 26 – 30 Jan 2010, at 8.00pm every night, J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning successfully predicted the top prize for the 4D lottery on 27 Jan 2010.

"They had a one in 10000 chance of predicting the first prize 4D number for Wednesday's draw - 5853 - and they did."
~ Channel News Asia

"LOCAL celebrity illusionists, Ning Cai and JC Sum, have succeeded in their "psychological illusion stunt" of predicting a winning 4D number in Wednesday's draw." ~ AsiaOne


"IT WAS a feat they had never performed before - predicting four numbers for the 4D national lottery." ~ The Straits Times

The official video of J C & Ning's highly successful "The Impossible 4D Prediction" is now online. 

Watch "The Complete Story of a Psychological Illusion here.

After a full week of anticipation and excitement, “Singapore’s Celebrity Magic Duo” (Channel News Asia), J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning finally revealed their 4D lottery prediction to a hall packed with media, fans and members of the public.

“Asia’s most famous illusionists” (The Straits Times) not only succeeded with their prediction of the top prize 4D numbers “5853” but their revelation included many twists and surprises.

At about 6.45pm, after the results for the 4D lottery were announced by Singapore Pools, the prediction, previously locked into two tamper-proof clear boxes that had been suspended high outside St James Power Station for the past 5 days, was brought down for the first time.

The prediction, sealed in two tamper-proof  boxes hung in full public view for 5 days

Under the scrutiny of dozens of media and cameras as well as Ms Ranita Sundra (Deputy Director, Arts & Entertainment, Singapore Tourism Board), who had been auditing the prediction from the start, the locked boxes were opened and the red envelope containing the prediction was removed. To ensure that there would be no trickery or last minute switches or secret additions, Ms Sundra, was invited to handle the red envelope at all times.

In a surprise twist, before the prediction was shown, it was revealed that a cheque for $10,000, written out to the Children’s Cancer Foundation, had also been placed into the red envelope one week ago, along with the prediction.

On stage, J C & Ning explained that they were so confident that they would predict the winning 4D numbers that they included the cheque as a donation to a cause they believed in. The cheque was then presented to Mr Ravi Sivalingam, Chairman of the Children’s Cancer Foundation, who accepted the donation on the charity’s behalf.

Only then, was the typewritten & signed prediction taken out of the red packet by Ms Sundra and shown to the audience to be 100% correct.

In a final twist, the magic duo revealed that while they did correctly predict the top prize winning number, they intentionally bought a lottery ticket with a number that they knew would not win; the numbers “0000”.

J C & Ning explained: “We have fulfilled every claim that we have made from the start. We said we would predict the winning 4D numbers and we would buy a single ticket with a single number. But, we never said we would buy a ticket with the number that we predicted.

We stressed from the start that we do not condone or encourage gambling. If we had bought a winning ticket, we would havr totally contradicted this claim. Furthermore, when we make a donation to a charitable cause, in this case, the Children’s Cancer Foundation, it must be from our own hard-earned money, just like any other Singaporean in any other profession.”

The prediction being brought down for the first time after 5 days.

Ms Ranita Sundra (Deputy Director, Arts & Entertainment, Singapore Tourism Board)
verifying that the seals she signed were still intact.

The prediction being escorted back to the stage.

The double-encase prediction being removed.

The red envelope containing the prediction was not handled by J C or Ning at anytime during the revelation.

The cheque, placed along with the prediction, was presented as a donation to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

The cheque being presented to Ravi Sivalingam, Chairman of the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Ms Sundra removing the 100% correct prediction and showing it to the audience.

The actual printed prediction along with the lottery ticket

The live 4D results for the revelation were powered by www.live4D.sg.

Media Coverage

Since its announcement on 18 Jan 2010, J C & Ning’s latest stunt has made news headlines throughout Asia and created frenzy in the online world in blogs, forums and social networking sites. The buzz created by “The Impossible 4D Prediction” made the term “magic babe ning” the #1 searched item on Yahoo Singapore on 21 Jan 2010. Their successful prediction was
also one of the top stories on Google News Singapore as well as the top entertainment story on 29 Jan 2010, 11am.

Traditional & new media that have covered the stunt include:

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